Trimontium Management

Our History


At a Meeting at Melrose Golf Club on March 8th 2009, it was proposed that the Residents Association form a limited company to take over the management of the estate. David Harris and Dave Selby formed Trimontium Management Company Ltd on the 26th March 2009 and on 8th May 2009 a majority of homeowners voted that the new company should take over the management of the estate. On the 1st September 2009 the two directors David Harris and Dave Selby, with members of the Resident’s Association, completed the team and work began.

Our Aims

The Management Team continues to listen to the views of homeowners and residents and works hard to deliver an effective and excellent level of service.  The Team’s aim is to be transparent and accountable to all homeowners and to put the needs of homeowners and residents first.

The work of the team is on a voluntary basis.

Factoring Fee

Services included in your monthly service fee

  1. Insurance of the estate and all of the communal areas.
  2. Maintenance all common areas including hallways, roofs, gardens and grounds;
  3. Keeping the estate and the grounds in good order;
  4. Paying for the cost of all communal services;
  5. Filing annual returns and all other paperwork required by Companies House from time to time; and
  6. Building up a financial reserve for general maintenance  and for substantive works of maintenance and/or repair which may be required in the future to the estate, its communal areas and facilities”.

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Trimontium Management Company Limited (Incorporated 2009) “Trimontium Management Company Limited is a limited Company, with Directors, registered at Companies House. It is regulated by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Management Company is a legal body which has been formally constructed and is a completely separate entity from the Residents’ Association. However, as very few residents have historically been willing to assume official roles in relation to either the Residents’ Association or the Management Company, the directors of Trimontium Management Company Limited are also Officers of the Residents’ Association at the present time. Trimontium Management Company Limited acts as Factor for the estate. It is responsible for collecting the service charge payable by all of the owners. These monies are then ploughed back for the benefit of the estate by the Management Company.

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