Communal Living


Our aim is to create and maintain a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment for all residents. To do this we hope to encourage everyone to feel part of the community.

The Management Team sincerely thanks all those who help look after our shared estate by picking up litter left by others, taking the time to use the bin stores properly and to help keep the bin area clean, driving slowly in all areas of the estate and the many other efforts both small and large that make our environment more comfortable.


In any communal living situation there are requirements for residents. The Land Registry Certificate for the Dingleton Estate contains the following:

1. Each apartment shall be used and occupied solely as a private apartment and shall not be subdivided or occupied by more than one family

2. No power boars, marine craft, caravans, commercial vehicles or vehicles other than private motor cars, motor cycles or bicycles shall be parked in any of the car parking spaces

3. Only minor repairs and maintenance of vehicles is allowed and no vehicle should be left raised on jacks

4. The storage and depositing of furniture, bric a brac or articles of rubbish is not permitted and the communal areas, including hallways, should be kept in a neat and tidy condition at all times

5. Residents of the apartments are prohibited from carrying out any trade or business from the apartments if that trade or business affects other residents

6. Residents are only permitted to keep one dog, cat or other domestic animal. These should not cause a nuisance to other residents.

7. Residents are prohibited from suspending clothes lines or projection poles from windows or walls and from using free standing airers in view of other residents

Please refrain from doing anything which may cause disturbance or nuisance to other residents

Please note: These requirements are taken from the Burdens Section of the Land Registry Certificate (Scotland)