Around the Grounds


Snow plough ready to go

In the main car park at the lower end of the site a strange vehicle can be found. A small snow plough has taken residence for the winter season and it will be put to good use if we are unfortunate enough to receive a heavy snowfall. Rental of the snow plough for the winter season is a necessary insurance policy against being snowed in, as residents discovered in winter 2017-18 when without it, cars would have been stuck in the car park for several weeks.




Bus stop renovation

Renovation is underway of the bus stop near the main gates. This little bit of Dingleton history will soon be back to its former glory with space to sit when waiting to meet friends or even for a place to relax on a summer’s evening.






New raised flower beds have been built in the area on the left just after you enter the main gates. New grass is starting to grow and bulbs are beginning to appear. By spring time it should be a lovely space. A big thank you to Margaret Hawley who worked so hard looking after the large flower beds here for many years.

Plans to provide a Petanque Court are well under way and we hope to organise games for residents in the summer months. You can find the court area opposite the orchard at the top end of the site.